Second-hand cars: the Argus suspends its rating for the duration of the containment period.

Macron conversion bonus: Should we hurry to buy a new car?

Are you lucky enough to be eligible for the conversion bonus, but hesitate to buy a new car now? Better to decide quickly, because this aid may well become much less attractive from the end of July.

The purchase of a car, whether new or used, is often the result of long reflection.It is generally better to avoid haste for what remains one of the main items of expenditure of the French.But if you intend to take advantage of the new "conversion bonus" announced as part of the post-coronavirus recovery plan by Emmanuel Macron, it is still better to speed up your efforts.This exceptional aid, which can reach € 5,000 for electric and plug-in hybrids, or € 3,000 for other engines, is not intended to last forever.From the start, the government warned that it would be limited to the first 200,000 files.from mid-July, according to the CCFA (Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers).

Prime Macron: Can you benefit from it?

A deliberately low level

By setting such a limit, the executive wanted to avoid a "mishap" that occurred last year, when it had to revisit in a catastrophe, during the summer, the criteria of its conversion premium, after having received much more records that he had anticipated and exploded his budget forecasts.Today, with a system again relaxed, stocks that overflow at dealerships and purchases sometimes put on hold for two months, the slow restart of the first days of deconfinement already seems far behind us.The 200,000 mark could therefore be reached very quickly, especially since it concerns both new and used.Recall that almost 1 million new cars are sold to individuals each year, and 5 million used models!

Posted Date: 2020-06-10

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