Second-hand cars: the Argus suspends its rating for the duration of the containment period.

Automobile / Buying guide. Used cars: after the crisis a more attractive market?

At the end of April, just over 110,000 used private vehicles were sold.

A fall of 77.1% compared to last year.However, a first reason to hope lies in a figure: - 24.4%.

It is the fall of the market over the last four months, much less than new vehicles (- 44.8% over the same period).

Experts believe that the return to budgetary reality should favor used vehicles.

Consumers can choose a recent occasion rather than a new car without losing the notion of pleasure.

Business to do?

Good discounts are expected on German Premiums, including BMW, Audi, Mercedes and SUVs.

On the Volkswagen brand occasion website, attractive prices can be found on vehicles like the Golf 7; a Golf 7 TDI 115 is offered with a 20% discount, with 10 km on the odometer.

You can have fun with a Mercedes without paying an astronomical price.

A 2014 E-Class (220 Cdi in Fascination finish with 105,000 km on the odometer) is displayed at € 21,900.Its current equivalent will be invoiced over € 40,000.

Study prices and finishes

The manufacturers' websites are to be observed with care.On the Renault site, 43,597 vehicles are listed.

If the Dacia still hold a hellish rating (a Duster dCi 115 4x2 Prestige at 5,000 km is practically the price of new), other models are sold with discounts of 15 to 22% (Kangoo dCi 95 Trend with 10 km) .

Posted Date: 2020-06-09

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